Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Engineering PEO & CET

Engineers and Engineering Designers Design Buildings.

Design Buildings Engineering - The engineering team of designers will take the project in the motion similar to the architectural building design team, they are individual businesses who will start the engineering design from the architectural design development stage and carry the project along in a parallel manner with the architectural preparations and progress. The selected and contracted engineering firms will do the following engineering designs; civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical. The engineering designers will also do design, drawings, and specifications which will be part of the project manual. They will perform their duties in a similar manner like the architectural team to submit their work for permit, project costing, tender, contract, construction, and contract administration. The Engineers and engineering designers are experienced, Responsible, Licensed, and members of the Association (PEO and Others). Engineering Designers are also Experienced, Responsible, and Certified with a BCIN similar to Architectural Designers.

Our engineers are licensed to design buildings site civil (site services, grading, storm water management), building structural engineering, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Sprinkler, and other engineering services.

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