Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Manage Building Design

Manage Buildings Design Projects

Manage buildings design projects are the process of bringing together designers and the City/Town, this process is for us to contract and manage the professionals and their documents preparation, the Cities or Towns approvals and permits, and both agents input into the construction.

The building project design will carry the description (specifications), resources (people), time (schedule), cost (budget), quality (documents & contents), and risk prepared by the project engineer and program manager.

Projects; if the project requires zoning/planning approval, a specialized team will be assigned for this purpose, a team of professionals; planner, traffic engineer, noise/acoustical engineer, environmental engineer, civil engineer, urban designer, and others as required. Site plan development work package will immediately follow next to be prepared for the City/Town reviews and approvals.

The designers will then work from what the project management team prepare to get the building designed and documents prepared, from the design and documents, the documents will be reviewed by the City or Town for approvals and permits. To obtain a building permit, a basic set of design and documents are required by the City/Town, the basic set of design drawing plans, elevations, sections, and schedule required. The designers comprised of architect, structural engineer, mechanical & electrical engineer, civil engineer, landscape architect, and the interior designer. The designers work package prepared and the City/Town approvals and permits are all manager by us the project management group.

The designers and City/Town officials will extend their input during construction for their reviews and approvals. The designers will administer the contract documents. The project management group will manage the overall building design (designers) and approvals/permits (City/Town).


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